Record Keeping

Minimum Requirements for International Shipments

    ** Required Prior Shipping ISF Data Sheet Information      

 1)   Actual Manufactures Name and Address 

2)   Seller Name and Address 

3)   Container stuffing location 

4)   Consolidator Name and Address 

5)   Buyer Name and Address 

6)   Ship to Name and Address 

7)   Importer of record number 

8)   Consignee Number 

9)   Country of Origin of goods 

10)  Harmonized Tariff Schedule Classification Number of goods up  6 digits 

11) Port of Unloading

12) Shipment routing details Etd, and Eta.



2)  Packing Slip shall contain, at a minimum, the following

           Company purchase order number

3. The Commercial Invoice shall contain, at a minimum, the following:

  1. Is shipment from a GSP eligible country?

  1. Is shipment GSP Eligible? (YES / NO)

The items listed in 1 and 2 above must be obtained or release of shipments could be delayed by Customs and possibly rejected.


Record keeping Checklist

The Import Department will ensure that the following documents are included with each entry package. Originals should be on file whenever possible. If any of these documents are missing, contact the appropriate Internal department or the Customs broker and request that the document be forwarded to the Import Department.  




Entry Summary (CF-7501)

Entry/Immediate Delivery (CF-3461)

Copy of ISF worksheet and ISF Filing number

Commercial Invoice

Part/Item Number

Merchandise Description


Unit Value

Total Value

Country of Origin Port of unlading

Currency in which transaction made


Terms of Sale

Packing List

Air Waybill or Bill of Lading

Receiving Report

Importer’s Declaration ( American goods returned)

Shipper’s Declaration  (American goods returned)

Manufacturer’s Affidavit ( for American goods returned  19CFR 10.1 (b)

Certificate of Origin

GSP Statement on invoice

Employee Initial and Date _____   ______