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Receiving Inspection Checklist

1) ** When cargo is received you must check all cargo for good order before signing delivery receipt in good order -  
2) * You must note on the delivery documentation  damage to cargo at the time it is delivered on the truckers/ Draymen's
paperwork  and have copy. If cargo is signed clean it is very hard to file claim.

Receipt Inspection Performed By:  _______________________________

Receipt Inspection Date:  ______________     Invoice Number  ________

Shipment Arrival Date:  ________________

        The order is complete and acceptable
        All discrepancies are documented

Discrepancy                                                                    Item’s Name
Wrong Item        
Wrong Quantity        
Damaged Item        
Defective Item        
Back-ordered Item        
Missing Item        

Attach a copy of the invoice and order request with checklist.  

        The correct items were shipped
        No items are missing
        Quantity of items received matches quantity indicated on invoice Packing list
        Items are not crushed, broken or leaking.
        Any broken or leaking item has been handled safely and disposed of properly
        Any manufacturer’s alerts or changes to the package insert are noted
        Inventory records are updated
        A copy of the invoice and order request is retained
        Shipment is unpacked and properly integrated with existing inventory
       Each item is labeled with the receipt date and the receiving person’s initials before placed into storage or use.
       Each item is stored behind existing items in the correct bin or area. (FIFO)
      Items to be evaluated or returned to vendor are clearly marked and segregated from items ready for use.