Cargo Rates International Forms and Tools
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(Forms and Tools provided for Cargo Rates International LLC Customers)

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About Cargo Quotes
Cubic Meter
How much cargo fits in a ocean container
Abbreviations of Different charges

Cargo Rates Routing Order
Power of Attorney - Import and Export
InstructionsShippers Letter of Instuctions with  AES authorization
German Postal Code Index
Volume Weight Formulas
ISF  - Importers Security Filing
Cargo Rates International LLC Terms and Conditions of service
Blank Routing Order Form
Export Compliance Checklist should be in your Shipment  files
Instructions for the shippers letter of instructions
Letter of Guarantee for all Freight Charges
Power of Attorney instructions and Verification
Become a Cargo Rates International LLC Customer
3322 36th Avenue S
Seattle, Washington 98144
OTI # 020585NF
Customer Tools
Find Schedule B Number
Example Commercial Invoice
Example Pro Forma Invoice
Example Packing List
Example Certificate of Origin
Import Customer Set up
** Please note that Cargo Rates International LLC takes no legal or financial responsibility for the use, content, or accuracy of
information provided.  It is the responsibility of the company or individual using information to verify accuracy of information.)
Affidavid for authority to sign for (Must be on company letter head)
USPPI Export Responsibilities
Cargo Rates Bill Of Lading Terms and Conditions
Insurance Declination Form
Shippers Letter of Instruction/ Please fill our Forwarders instructions and Sign
(Exports Only)
7 Point Security Container Inspection Guide
Quote Request Form
Cargo Rates International LLC letter of Introduction
Government Links to Forms
Verification instructions
LCL cargo reciept checklist
Pallet SIzed and Container Dimensions